Ascendancy Barrier / Polith Minefield Guide

  • Destroy a bay on the minelayer
  • Destroy 2 minelayer engines
  • Destroy 175 mines [150 for Polith Minefield]
    • Destroy 4 fighter tender engines
    • Defeat 4 Plug-6 Heavy Fighters

This is a long mission - over 8 minutes. Use your Electronic Warfare Pod (best within minefields) to minimize damage. This is also possibly the only mission in which you can use your EMP Generator TWICE to good use. I suggest using one early on within a minefield to knock out most of those targets, so you can focus on other things later.

Fighter Tender Engines are fairly easy to spot. There are 6 (3 per fighter tender), so make sure you don't miss the first one!

This is probably the harddest part of the mission. Throughout the mission, at least 6 heavy fighters show up, but only 4 of them are realistically killable. The first 2 you see are easy to handle. The 3rd one doesn't give you enough time to kill it, but shortly after it disappears off screen, the 4th one appears (at around 4m 20s on the timer).

There's a lull where nothing really happens for a while. Just focus on taking as few hits as possible, because while you're trying to take out the 4th heavy fighter at the end, you can take on a massive amount of damage.

The 4th killable fighter appears much later, at 1m 3s left on the clock. Before that happens, at 1m 20s left, you are finally put within killable range of the Minelayer Engines. Spam all your damage towards these until the Heavy Fighter comes out. The only real way I could differentiate this fighter from regular ones is that it didn't die easily... Look for it coming from the left side of your screen, and you'll be following it towards the right until it's dead.

If you're still having trouble completing this mission, consider buying some of the purple upgrades on the GTN. If you hang out on the Fleet a lot, this is definitely a mission worth doing daily.